Who We Are

Reagan Price

Reagen Price

Reagen Price is an anti-racism strategist, facilitator, and advocate distinctly focused on organizing within institutions. She has built a career translating the theory of racial justice into practice with community organizers, elected officials, campaign managers, educators, funders, and government employees at a national political training institute, national education equity network, and local government agency. Reagen served as the Anti-Racism Initiative Manager at Solid Ground. Reagen currently serves as the Race & Social Justice Initiative Program Manager for Seattle City Light and as one of seven collaborative organizers of the Non-Profit Anti-Racism Coalition.

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Hiram Rivera

Hiram Rivera is an organizer and former director of the Philadelphia Student Union. He is a native of New Haven, CT and has spent the past two decades working on issues of Juvenile & Education Justice and Police Reform in Connecticut, New York City and now Philadelphia.

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Patrice Green

Patrice knows first-hand that we rebuild neighborhoods with neighbors-hand in hand with the people who know these places best and call them home. For more than 10 years in both the nonprofit and government sectors, she has worked passionately to transform economically distressed, but culturally rich communities, by building innovative cross-sector partnerships. Not only has her work benefited individuals in the community she serves, Patrice has led the way on reimagining what it means for federal staff to engage in place-based community partnerships. Now as Program Officer for Strong Local Economies at the Surdna Foundation, Patrice turns her skill and expertise to grantmaking through an equity lens that targets the wealth creation vehicles of business development and acceleration and equitable economic development.


Kai James

Kai James is a space anomaly – public health data advocate by day, educator and artist, by night.  With over a decade of experience in both data analytics and community development, Kai leverages a complex set of skills to build the capacity of individuals, organizations, and institutions to imagine a better world. Kai idenitifies as a black queer, non-binary disabled poet, essayist and activist, and has been a facilitator with Corajus since 2013.  Areas of expertise include issues of identity, gentrification and displacement.

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Michaela Pommells

Michaela Pommells believes that in order to end racism, patriarchy, and all forms of oppression, we must cull together creative energy to build new, resilient, anti-capitalist, community-controlled institutions that achieve revolutionary justice. She is passionate about eradicating development-induced-displacement, achieving gender equity, and educating towards collective transformation and radical healing.  In her free time, she enjoys woodworking, reading, and spending time with her three children and partner.

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Evie Hunter

Evelia "Evie" Hunter is the Assistant Dean of Student Development for Diversity and Inclusion at Delaware Valley University.  While in graduate school, Evie interned at the Penn Women's Center where she worked in and supported university organizing and community work. In her current role, Evie does training, programming, assessment and advising in the areas of equity, diversity, and inclusion.  She often facilitates conversations with outside groups, the most recent conversations surrounding protests and police brutality in 2020.

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Azaria Keys

Azaria Keys is a native of Seattle, WA and a proud graduate of the University of Washington (Go Huskies!). Azaria is passionate about dismantling the current systems in power that continue to oppress so many people and communities. She has previous experience working at a non-profit DEI consultancy. Azaria is committed to serving the communities around her and fighting to elevate the voices and experiences of those who have been silenced. In her free time she enjoys trying new foods, being in nature, and spending time with her loved ones.

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Karla Vigil

Born in El Slavador and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, Karla Vigil serves as the chief executive officer and co-founder of the Equity Institute, an education-based nonprofit organization working to develop innovative systems that cultivate anti-racist, people-centered communities for all learners. At Equity Institute, Karla ensures ongoing programmatic excellence, rigorous program evaluation, and consistent quality of finance and administrations, fundraising, and communications systems. Additionally, she's a strong advocate for recruiting, developing, and supporting historically underrepresented education professionals.

Prior to founding Equity Institute, Karla served as an educational consultant, classroom educator, and youth worker. She's interested in exploring innovative ways to cultivate transformative learning environments that uplift diversity as a critical asset. Karla was a Deeper Learning Equity Fellow and is a Pahara NextGen Fellow. Most importantly, she is a proud mama of three boys - Taliq, Reuben and Kamil.