Is a collaborative of capacity-building facilitators organizing to build a collective analysis of injustice. Our work focuses on race-based disparities at the intersection of identities, issues, and lived experiences in Philadelphia. By design, the Coalition brings people together to learn, struggle, and grow alongside each other in activism and allyship. Our ultimate goal is to heal, rebuild, and fortify the communities we live in and love.

Organizational Development

Corajus supports organizations, networks, neighborhoods and movements to shift towards becoming anti-racist, social justice-oriented community's.

We offer a variety of services that support organizations and networks to integrate racial equity and justice into into all parts of their work. These services include:

  • Co-designing and facilitating a collaborative change process including developing strategic plans that drive anti-racist goals and outcomes.
  • Co-designing and facilitating stakeholder engagement processes.
  • Facilitating workshops to build knowledge and skills on racial equity.
  • Building in-house training capacity
  • Coaching Leaders
  • Political Education

    Through teach-ins and workshops, we engage community members to critically reflect on the issues in their community and take action to transform them. What policies, systems, and dynamics created reality as it is now—and how might we make it more just? This work aims to illuminate the struggles of the communities we serve, and to uncover their real interests and vision.

    Stakeholder Egagement

    Corajus works with public and private sector organizations to collaborate with their stakeholders using a cooperative, inclusive and strategic approach.