Guiding Principles:

  • Racism, white supremacy, heteronormativity, and capitalist patriarchy is real and has influenced the history of our institutions, public policies, and practices and it is our responsibility to create change.
  • We believe that all forms of oppression are connected. To uproot one, we must work to uproot them all.
  • We know that communities are stronger when we are each able to be our most authentic selves.
  • We take responsibility for making space for all individuals in our community. We listen, process and respond to impacted communities’ stories, histories, as told by them.
  • We analyze/acknowledge power through an analysis of institutional power, so we can identify the systems external to the communities that create and shape their lived experiences.
  • We assert that community healing and self-care are essential parts of this work.
  • We engage in courageous conversations about racism and discrimination, in order to transform conciousness.


  • Every person served should be treated with respect.
  • We intentionally center anti-racism as part of our mission.
  • We believe in building power and shifting consciousness.
  • People know what they need and have the right to self-determination.
  • Our work is about sustainable transformation to a just, fair and liberated society for all.
  • We must maintain accountability by our peers and community to do this work with integrity.
  • We commit to promote an anti-racism culture in our organization and practice anti-racism in our personal and professional lives